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Earlier this year we spoke to Merito Coffee while in search of coffees for our Fifteen Shades of South America project. As we've come to expect, we were treated to enough options to make choosing one a challenge. We just so happened to settle upon a Brazillian offering. 

While making our way through our personal assortment of Shades, Shade 11 jumped out to us in an unexpected way. So impressed by the profile of said coffee, we got in touch with Merito once again, this time to share more of the story, our June Collaboration. The perfect opportunity to explore a regional lot alongside a freshly penned blog of the same subject.

Regional Lots

Cascavel Vermelha is a blend coffees selected from multiple regions across Brazil for their fruity flavours, resulting in a pulpy juicy coffee in the cup. Sourced by Sucafina, this coffee is part of a whole harvest purchasing model, where the buyer (Sucafina) purchases the entire harvest from a producer, as opposed to just the beans that fit their target market (often the high quality or specialty beans). An approach that provides benefits to both producers and buyers alike.

Even the best farmers produce a certain volume of coffee across all grades, so this purchasing model ensures they aren’t left to try to find a market for the less desirable grades of coffee.

The benefit to buyers is protection of brand for repeat purchasers down the value chain, something that equally benefits farmers. High quality micro lots are often sold with the prestige of the farm (in this case a Fazenda in Brazilian Portuguese) behind it, without the risk of other buyers of lesser quality coffees capitalising on the name. Makes you think, how many times have you purchased as coffee because you recognised the farm name from previous harvests or social media fame and it was everything you hoped it would be? 

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