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Who are the The Snobby Collective?

My name is Paul, founder of the Snobby Collective. We are a specialty coffee collaborative, inspired by the people behind the coffee and the desire to break down barriers through insight and understanding.

Born of a love for coffee and fueled by the inspiring stories of helping our fellow man through direct trade initiatives, crowd funded community wet mills and the gift of a dairy cow.

The goal of the Snobby Collective is to take tasty single origin coffees and tell their story, the story of the people who grow and process the beans, and the story of the beans themselves.

Coffee with a conversation. Connecting people through coffee.

We want to introduce you to new coffee’s and the people who produce them by personally filling your mailbox with a small box of passion every month, made possible with the help of awesome Kiwi roasters who we admire, for not just their product, but for the values they embrace.

Insight. Understanding. Change.

The Snobby Collective

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New Zealand

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2022 Coffee Advent Calendar

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