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In line with Government restrictions we are currently unable to ship from our webstore,

this includes monthly subscriptions until the Covid - 19 Level 4 threat is lifted.

However, our webstore is still open, so you are welcome to order filters, brew gear and more to be delivered as soon as practical once the level 4 threat has been lifted.

Our webstore will only accept orders for stock we have, so as soon as you place an order we will package it ready for dispatch. No waiting on back orders, so you can get brewing as soon as. 

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  • Rhinowares Hand Grinder
Rhinowares hand coffee grinder.
NZ$ 65.00
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The Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for fresh coffee on demand. Perfect for at home or on the run.

• Conical ceramic burrs provide a long life and clean grind.

• Simple adjustment making it easy to switch between brewing methods

• Ample capacity – up to 42 grams of beans can be dosed and ground at once

• Protective carry bag

• Smooth grinding motion

• Easy cleaning

• Made from food grade stainless steel.

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