Not Neutral GINO Dripper

  • Not Neutral GINO Dripper
Our favouritte brewer.
Created in collaboration with world-class baristas, the Gino is a seamless marrige of form and function.
The double walled brewer, crafted from labarotory grade borosilicate glass provides thermal insulation while highlighting the extraction.
Handle-less profile remains cool to the touch and a comfortable grip from its tapered profile.
The angle of the interior cone combined with the size and location of the 3 holes at the bottom ensure the optimum distance of water travel for an even extraction and flavourful coffee experience.
NZ$ 49.00
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  • Designed in Los Angeles, C.A
  • Laboratory-grade borosilicate glass
  • Heat and scratch resistant
  • Handle-less design
  • Double-walled construction remains cool to the touch


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