Clever Dripper + Filters

  • Clever Dripper + Filters
The Clever Dripper follows the Direct Immersion Brewing method. The Clever Dripper is designed with the revolutionary, patented idea, the Amazing shut off system, helps to make the entire nrewing process so simple. The Clever Dripper will only dispense coffee when it is placed on top of a cup. Lift it off and it stops. The Clever Dripper creates the easiest way to brew an incredibly rich, robust and aromatic brew without bitterness, acidity or loose grounds in the cup.
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Bundle Includes:

Clever Dripper Brewer:

  • Crafted from BPA free plastic
  • Tested in accordance with European Regulation No. 2011/10/EC 
  • Handwashing is recommended with detergent free cleaner designed for carafes to keep clever dripper looking fresh and clean

Filtropa #4 Filter Papers:

  • Pack of 40 paper filters

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