2021 Single origin advent calendar

  • 2021 Single origin advent calendar
We've assembled some friends for a Pre-Christmas party at your place.
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A hand picked selection of New Zealands finest specialty coffee roasters, showcasing the most diverse array of origins, processing techniques and varieties, all in one box.

If you’re not familiar with why this is the best little coffee festival in a box, it might help to understand what happened to The North Island Coffee Festival.

How does it work?

Arriving to you ready to start your 24 day count down to Christmas, Your coffee advent calendar features 24 different coffees, all individually packed and numbered. One box, One delivery. The best roasters under one roof, your roof.

Each day, your next mystery coffee will be unlocked on our website, conveniently accessed with the QR located on the calendar. Here you will find out who the roaster is, the origin, process, tasting notes and a bio about the coffee.

(Note: These are NOT full story board features as with our monthly subscription)

We’ve worked with our roasters to ensure that we are using coffees that will be available for purchase during December (some exceptions may apply) and have conveniently left a quick link to their web store so you can double down on the best of the best.

(disclaimer: We cannot control courier hold ups, but are shipping early to avoid delays)

All coffee is roasted for filter, Single origin and supplied as whole bean.

We’re sending enough to enjoy 2 brews with our enclosed recipes, 1 for pour over, 1 for immersion (Aeropress). Total of 38g of each coffee.

Nation wide shipping included!

The low down.

24 Coffees, from 16 roasters, grown in 15 different countries.

We've taken great care to ensure countries that feature twice showcase the diversity of the origin (no 50 shades of South America here) and rest assured, our feature roasters are no one trick pony either.

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