15 Shades of South America

  • 15 Shades of South America
A hand picked array of coffees, including, experimental fermentations and innovative processing techniques.

An exciting way of broadening the flavour palate of how
you believe coffee from South America should taste.

Shipping mid April.
Individually bagged for your brewing convenience
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The Antithesis of our 2021 Coffee Advent Calendar,


It began with our 2021 Coffee Advent Calendar, our brief to roasters became part of our marketing. The best showcase of coffee diversity we could possibly assemble, stating that is would be no 50 Shades of South America. We achieved that with offerings from 15 different producing nations.

About the same time we sampled a coffee from Peru that was reminiscent of the Colombian coffees when we started in the industry. It made me think about how much Colombia has developed and is continuing to do so. Each year we’re seeing a larger array of rare and exotic varieties coming to NZ, experimental fermentations and innovative processing techniques which are wildly exciting and broadening the flavour palate of howwe believe these regions should taste. 

A diverse selection of single origin South American coffees, individually bagged for your brewing convenience. 

For the geeks out there who like a little mystery, we’ve labeled them 1 – 15 so you can sample and explore the coffees in a blind environment. Fear not, located on our website is the cheat sheet, featuring individual bios with links to more in depth information about aspects of each coffee from our previous features where applicable, read one or read them all.

All coffee is roasted for filter and supplied as whole bean.

We’re sending enough to enjoy 2 brews with our favourite recipes, 1 for pour over, 1 for immersion (Aeropress). Total of 38g of each coffee.

Nation wide shipping included!

Note: These are NOT full story board features as with our monthly subscription

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